3 Must-Read Books By Grant Cardone

As a New York Times bestselling author and an internationally renowned speaker on leadership, real estate investing, entrepreneurship, and finance – here are 3 must-read books by Grant Cardone.

Grant Cardone is a New York Times bestselling author and an internationally renowned speaker on leadership, real estate investing, entrepreneurship, and finance. His 5 privately held companies have annual revenues exceeding $100 million. As CEO of the #1 Sales Training Platform in the World, Cardone consults with Fortune 500 companies and customers such as Google, Northwestern Mutual, Morgan Stanley, and others. …Read More
The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone
The 10X Rule (Hardcover)

240 Pages | ISBN: 978-0470627600
While most people operate with only three degrees of action-noaction, retreat, or normal action-if you’re after big goals, you don’t want to settle for the ordinary. To reach the next level, you must understand the coveted 4th degree of action. This 4th degree, also known as the 10X Rule, is that level of action that guarantees companies and individuals realize their goals and dreams.

The 10X Rule unveils the principle of “Massive Action,” allowing you to blast through business clichés and risk-aversion while taking concrete steps to reach your dreams. It also demonstrates why people get stuck in the first three actions and how to move into making the 10X Rule a discipline. Find out exactly where to start, what to do, and how to follow up each action you take with more action to achieve Massive Action results.

· Learn the “Estimation of Effort” calculation to ensure you exceed your targets
· Make the Fourth Degree a way of life and defy mediocrity
· Discover the time management myth
· Get the exact reasons why people fail and others succeed
· Know the exact formula to solve problems

Extreme success is by definition outside the realm of normal action. Instead of behaving like everybody else and settling for average results, take Massive Action with The 10X Rule, remove luck and chance from your business equation, and lock in massive success.

“Success is no different than any other skill. It can be trained and it can be mastered.” ~ Grant Cardone

Be Obsessed Or Be Average by Grant Cardone
Be Obsessed or Be Average (Hardcover)

240 Pages | ISBN: 978-1101981054
Before Grant Cardone built five successful companies (and counting), became a multimillionaire, and wrote bestselling books… he was broke, jobless, and drug-addicted.

Grant had grown up with big dreams, but friends and family told him to be more reasonable and less demanding. If he played by the rules, they said, he could enjoy everyone else’s version of middle class success. But when he tried it their way, he hit rock bottom.

Then he tried the opposite approach. He said NO to the haters and naysayers and said YES to his burning, outrageous, animal obsession. He reclaimed his obsession with wanting to be a business rock star, a super salesman, a huge philanthropist. He wanted to live in a mansion and even own an airplane.

Obsession made all of his wildest dreams come true. And it can help you achieve massive success too. As Grant says, we’re in the middle of an epidemic of average. The conventional wisdom is to seek balance and take it easy. But that has really just given us an excuse to be unexceptional.

If you want real success, you have to know how to harness your obsession to rocket to the top. This book will give you the inspiration and tools to break out of your cocoon of mediocrity and achieve your craziest dreams. Grant will teach you how to:

· Set crazy goals—and reach them, every single day.
· Feed the beast: when you value money and spend it on the right things, you get more of it.
· Shut down the doubters—and use your haters as fuel.

Whether you’re a sales person, small business owner, or 9-to-5 working stiff, your path to happiness runs though your obsessions. It’s a simple choice: be obsessed or be average.

“Dreams don’t happen on couches.” ~ Grant Cardone

Sell Or Be Sold by Grant Cardone
Sell or Be Sold (Hardcover)

200 Pages | ISBN: 978-1608322565
Whether it’s selling your company’s product in the boardroom or selling yourself on eating healthy, everything in life can and should be treated as a sale. And as sales expert Grant Cardone explains, knowing the principles of selling is a prerequisite for success of any kind.

In Sell or Be Sold, Cardone breaks down the techniques and approaches necessary to master the art of selling in any avenue. You will learn how to handle rejection, turn around negative situations, shorten sales cycles, and guarantee yourself greatness. Cardone will also teach you the success essentials of
Selling in a bad economy

· Overcoming call reluctance
· Filling your pipeline with new business
· Staying positive, despite rejection

With the experience of a seasoned sales vet at the helm, Sell or Be Sold will change the way you perceive the sale and life.

“Your greatness is limited only by the investments you make in yourself.” ~ Grant Cardone

Have you read any of Grant Cardone’s books? Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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3 Earl Nightingale Books Worth Reading

Earl Nightingale was an American radio personality, writer, respected speaker, and author in the subjects of motivation and success. Here are 3 of Earl Nightingale’s books worth reading.

Earl Nightingale (March 12, 1921 – March 28, 1989) was an American radio personality, writer, respected speaker and author, dealing mostly on the subjects of human character development, motivation, excellence and meaningful existence; so named as the “Dean of Personal Development.” He was the voice in the early 1950s of Sky King, the hero of a radio adventure series, and was a WGN radio show host from 1950 to 1956. Nightingale was the author of The Strangest Secret, which economist Terry Savage has called “…One of the great motivational books of all time”. …Read More
The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale
The Strangest Secret (Paperback)

44 Pages | ISBN: 978-1603865579
I’d like to tell you about the strangest secret in the world… Live this new way, and the floodgates of abundance will open and pour over you more riches than you may have dreamed existed.

Money? Yes, lots of it. But what’s more important, you’ll have peace. You’ll be in that wonderful minority who lead calm, cheerful, successful lives. Start today. You have nothing to lose, but you have a life to win.

These ideas are not new they have been around for years maybe even centuries.

Maybe it was brought on because of the recent recession, or the economic and demographics of America or maybe its and underlying movement permeating the world.

People are looking for answers science and religion just haven’t been able to answer adequately.

Questions such as why do some people have such fabulous wealth and others barely get by. Is there some outside force to blame? The Government, Wall Street, The 1%….who knows.

“All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination.” ~ Earl Nightingale

The Essence of Success by Earl Nightingale
The Essence of Success (Paperback)

168 Pages | ISBN: 978-9562915731
Discover the secrets to a great life as Earl Nightingale expounds upon the key concepts of “attitude”, “enthusiasm”, “service”, and “gratitude.” Learn the great law of “rewards equal contributions”, and how the amount of service you give determines your success in life. Successful people have one thing in common: A winning attitude. How the world treats us is a reflection of our attitude. If we put our minds and attitudes to work, we tend to get from life what we expect from it. Enthusiasm has been called “the God within”, and enthusiastic people are the happiest and most interesting people in the world. Enthusiastic people can be spotted in a crowd on account of their energy, direction, intentionality and delight. Conversely, the dull-eyed plodders live life defensively, reacting to events rather than causing them.

All rewards in life, tangible and non-tangible, come from making the best use of what we are in the SERVICE of others, and only to the extent that we serve others do we know the joy of living. There is a law operating at all times, whether we know and believe it or not: the Law of Rewards Equal Contributions. Our rewards in life will always be in direct proportion to our contribution. This is the law of all economics and of our well being. Finally, expressing gratitude activates the Law of Increase, for when we are grateful and use what we are good at in the service of others, we attract all we desire.

“Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal.” ~ Earl Nightingale

Earl Nightingale's Greatest Discovery
Earl Nightingale’s Greatest Discovery (Hardcover)

182 Pages | ISBN: 978-0396089285
Earl Nightingale rose from poverty to become the most highly recognized authority on success and personal development. He was also a radio commentator whose program was broadcast daily around the world for more than 40-years.

As a successful broadcaster and inspirational leader, Earl Nightingale shares his surefire yet little known secrets for success.

He discusses the meaning of success, identifies the most common obstacles to achieving success, and explores the noted author and radio broadcaster’s time-tested formula for making things happen.

“We can let circumstances rule us, or we can take charge and rule our lives from within.” ~ Earl Nightingale

Have you read any of Earl Nightingale’s books? Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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6 John Maxwell Books On Success

John C. Maxwell is a #1 New York Times bestselling author, coach, and speaker who has sold more than 25 million books in 50 languages. Here are 6 of John Maxwell’s books on success that you should take the time to read.

John C. Maxwell is a #1 New York Times bestselling author, coach, and speaker who has sold more than 25 million books in 50 languages. In 2014 he was identified as the #1 leader in business by the American Management Association and the most influential leadership expert in the world by Business Insider and Inc. magazine. He has also been voted the top leadership professional in the world on LeadershipGurus.net for six consecutive years. As the founder of The John Maxwell Company, The John Maxwell Team, EQUIP, and The John Maxwell Leadership Foundation, he has trained more than 5 million leaders. ..Read More
How Successful People Think by John Maxwell
How Successful People Think (Hardcover)

160 Pages | ISBN: 978-1599951683
Gather successful people from all walks of life-what would they have in common? The way they think! Now you can think as they do and revolutionize your work and life!

A Wall Street Journal bestseller, HOW SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE THINK is the perfect, compact read for today’s fast-paced world. America’s leadership expert John C. Maxwell will teach you how to be more creative and when to question popular thinking. You’ll learn how to capture the big picture while focusing your thinking. You’ll find out how to tap into your creative potential, develop shared ideas, and derive lessons from the past to better understand the future. With these eleven keys to more effective thinking, you’ll clearly see the path to personal success.

Full of interactive questions and space for readers to provide answers, as well as new material for readers to assess their current type of thinking, this workbook guides readers in applying the lessons they learned from How Successful People Think or the book which it was derived from, Thinking For A Change. Each of the eleven chapters will focus on one type of thinking, and contain a case study, critical thinking questions, a journal section, and an action plan of steps to help the reader create a personalized plan.

“The greatest mistake we make is living in constant fear that we will make one.” ~ John Maxwell

Failing Forward by John Maxwell
Failing Forward (Paperback)

226 Pages | ISBN: 978-0785288572
Are some people born to achieve anything they want while others struggle? Call them lucky, blessed, or possessors of the Midas touch. What is the real reason for their success? Is it family background, wealth, greater opportunities, high morals, an easy childhood?

New York Times best-selling author John C. Maxwell has the answer: The difference between average people and achieving people is their perception of and response to failure.

Most people are never prepared to deal with failure. Maxwell says that if you are like him, coming out of school, you feared it, misunderstood it, and ran away from it. But Maxwell has learned to make failure his friend, and he can teach you to do the same.

“I want to help you learn how to confidently look the prospect of failure in the eye and move forward anyway,” says Maxwell. “Because in life, the question is not if you will have problems, but how you are going to deal with them. Stop failing backward and start failing forward!”

“A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them.” ~ John Maxwell

Today Matters by John Maxwell
Today Matters (Paperback)

336 Pages | ISBN: 978-1931722520
Lots of books claim they can change your life. But how many actually teach you how to take the many small steps that lead to success each and every day of your life? Now in Today Matters, motivational teacher and best-selling author John C. Maxwell shows you how to seize the day. In this hands-on and inspiring guide he offers twelve daily practices to help you control your daily agenda, make time for people you love, and find success in your career. There’s a great time to begin a more successful life. It’s called today.

Most of us look at our days in the wrong way: We exaggerate yesterday. We overestimate tomorrow. We underestimate today. The truth is that the most important day you will ever experience is today. Today is the key to your success. Maxwell offers 12 decisions and disciplines-he calls it his daily dozen-that can be learned and mastered by any person to achieve success.

“Learn to say ‘no’ to the good so you can say ‘yes’ to the best.” ~ John Maxwell

The Complete 101 Connection: What Every Leader Needs to Know by John Maxwell
The Complete 101 Collection (Paperback)

624 Pages | ISBN: 978-0718022099
The Complete 101 Collection includes material that in true Maxwell style helps readers reach their potential at any stage in their career. It can be thought of as a crash course in leadership, a practical tool to sharpen the core fundamentals every professional needs.

Contents include a 101 on attitude, self-improvement, leadership, relationships, success, teamwork, equipping, and mentoring. Each 101 book is an introduction to a subject, not the “advanced course.” This concentrated collection of books helps readers on their way to significant growth in specific areas of their lives.

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” ~ John Maxwell

The Difference Maker by John Maxwell
The Difference Maker (Hardcover)

184 Pages | ISBN: 978-0785260981
What can make the difference in your life today? How can two people with the same skills and abilities, in the same situation, end up with two totally different outcomes? Leadership expert John C. Maxwell says the difference maker is attitude. For those who have ever wondered what may be separating them from achieving the kind of personal and professional success they’ve always dreamt of, Dr. Maxwell has some words of insight: “Your attitude colors every aspect of your life. It is like the mind’s paintbrush.”

In The Difference Maker, Maxwell shatters common myths about attitude—what it can do for you and what it can’t. Showing you how to overcome the five biggest attitude obstacles, Dr. Maxwell teaches the skills you need to make attitude your biggest asset. Most importantly, you’ll learn not only how to develop an attitude that will have a tremendous impact on career, family, and daily living, but also how to maintain that attitude for the rest of your life.

“People never care how much you know until they know how much you care.” ~ John Maxwell

Thinking for a Change by John Maxwell
Thinking for a Change (Paperback)

288 Pages | ISBN: 978-0446692885
At the heart of John C. Maxwell’s brilliant and inspiring program is a simple premise: To do well in life, we must first think well. But can we actually learn new mental habits? Thinking for a Change answers that with a resounding “yes” – and shows that your thinking can indeed change your life.

Drawing on the words and deeds of many of the world’s greatest leaders, this empowering audiobook helps you access your thinking style, guides you to new ones, and step by step teaches you the secrets of:

Big Picture Thinking – seeing the world beyond your own needs and how that leads to great ideas

Focused Thinking – removing mental clutter and distractions to realize your full potential

Creative Thinking – stepping out of the “box” and making breakthroughs

Shared Thinking – working with others to compound results

Reflective Thinking – looking at the past to gain a better understanding of the future and much more…

“People buy into the leader before they buy into the vision.” ~ John Maxwell

Have you read any of these John Maxwell books? What is your all-time favorite John Maxwell book? Let us know in the comments below!

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