Dale Carnegie’s Biographical Roundup


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Biographical Roundup

  • BOB HOPE: Once he couldn’t hold a job in a storage warehouse; but he now holds down the job of America’s favorite comedian.
  • CAPTAIN EDDIE RICKENBACKER: He is a hero of two wars, yet he was once too shy to say “Good Morning”.
  • JOHN BARRYMORE: He earned five thousand dollars a day, yet he searched garbage cans for food for his pet vulture.
  • OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES: At sixty he attended burlesque shows; at ninety-three he read Plato to improve his mind.
  • JAN CHRISTIAN SMUTS: One of Great Britain’s most famous leaders married a woman who refused to have children under the British flag.
  • BERNARD BARUCH: A phrenologist advised his mother, now he advises presidents.
  • GENERAL OMAR BRADLEY: How a shy, self-conscious boy became one of America’s greatest military leaders.
  • ADMIRAL CHESTER W. NIMITZ: He knows how to handle ships, Japs, and wives.
  • MADAME CHIANG KAI-SHEK: She faced a hundred thousand hostile soldiers to save her husband.
  • GENERAL MARK CLARK: The general who conquered Rome stood twenty-eighth from the bottom of his class at West Point.
  • CONNIE MACK: The most famous ball club manager in America lost eight hundred games in eight years.
  • GENERAL DWIGHT EISENHOWER: They said he would teach history; instead, he makes history for others to teach.
  • LOWELL JACKSON THOMAS: He dictates in taxicabs and travels five thousand miles for one week of skiing.
  • CAPTAIN EDWARD ELLSBERG: He went down to the sea in a diver’s helmet and brought up a drydock.