Taxes: For Small Businesses QuickStart Guide – Understanding Taxes For Your Sole Proprietorship, Startup, & LLC



Taxes for Small Businesses, Simplified

Are you exposing your small business to needless risk?


It’s no secret that when it comes to small businesses, the US tax code is difficult to navigate. Errors and oversights can result in costly audits and fines. As a small business owner, you know how even the slightest unexpected cost can wreak havoc on your bottom line. Having a handle on the tax situation of your business can mean the difference between a profitable year and one that is spent in the red.

A business that neglects its taxes is a business living on borrowed time.

Getting your business on the right side of its tax burden is easier than you think.To stay in the good graces of the IRS your business needs a tax strategy. You owe it to yourself as an entrepreneur to cross your t’s and dot your i’s so that you can focus on the stuff that matters. What’s the stuff that matters? Growing your business, thrilling your customers, and reaching new heights of revenue growth and profitability.

When you’re sweating your tax situation, doing the stuff that matters is harder than it needs to be. Without laying the groundwork for an effective and sensible small business tax strategy, your focus will be drained sweating the details when your time could be better spent turning your small business into a success.Join thousands of other entrepreneurs and small business success stories in deciphering the complexities of small business taxes. This insightful and actionable QuickStart Guide from ClydeBank Business simplifies the notoriously difficult small business tax code for US-based entrepreneurs.

Boost your tax IQ, learn how to stay ahead of the game, and save your time and energy for where it really counts: growing your business.

This QuickStart Guide from ClydeBank Business will help you lay the groundwork of a sustainable business tax strategy. You’ll learn how to proactively minimize your tax obligations and how to maneuver your way out of trouble should you ever fall behind.The best-selling Taxes for Small Businesses QuickStart Guide has already helped countless small business owners and managers boost their tax IQs and protect their bottom lines. It takes an easy-to-understand approach, so you don’t need to be a CPA to comprehend this guide to navigating the world of taxes for small businesses.

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You’ll Learn…

  • How Your Business Entity Type Affects How You’re Taxed
  • How to Capitalize on the (Surprisingly) Humane Tendencies of the IRS
  • How to Exercise Your Rights and Survive an IRS Audit
  • How Multiple Levels of Government Authorities Can Tax Your Business
  • How to Convert Your Administrative Tax Burden into Real Business Value
  • How to Best Manage Your Business’s Payroll Taxes
  • How to Spot, Claim and Maximize Your Tax Deductions

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