The Art of Public Speaking


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“How can I overcome that self-consciousness and fear that paralyzes me when speaking before an audience?” Whether In a school presentation, video-chat, vlog, job interview or business meeting, you may be full of amazing and game-changing ideas. But if your ideas are expressed poorly or awkwardly because of a fear of public speaking, then they may be perceived to be a waste of time, causing you and your talents to go unnoticed.

Public speaking is first and foremost about thinking and feeling about things that you believe are true and thus worth being spoken about. Start your fascinating journey of exploration and wonder into the world of public speaking today!

Mars Starship Publishing presents an updated and modernized version of Dale Carnegie’s classic: “The Art of Public Speaking”.


  • Illustrations from some of the world’s greatest visual artists.
  • Text that has been updated, edited and proofread for modern day readers.
  • Mars Starship Publishing’s exclusive “Share-Safe Book” seal. Negative stereotypes and inappropriate references contained in the original one hundred year-old edition have been completely removed. Parents and young readers can share with confidence.
  • A magnificent cover that captures the magic and wonder of a timeless classic in vibrant colors.
  • Easy-to-read fonts and print size.
  • Properly formatted text for young readers.